Kids are SO clever!

Kids are clever. Crafty, manipulative and very, very clever…🙄

And the most clever trick of all is getting Mum to agree to anything they want by asking when she’s on the phone.

Bloody genius!

My children do it all the time – and that includes the ‘adults’. EVERY SINGLE TIME I’m on an important phone call, they ask me if they can have something or do something that they know I would ordinarily say no to. Little shits. 😉

I’ll be chatting away and I’ll start to hear another voice near me getting louder & louder, until I just cannot ignore it any longer.

It’s like they mumble the important bit that would actually tell me what they want to do, then just keep saying “Muuuuum”. “Muuuuum can I?”. “Muuuuum so and so needs to know”. “Muuuuum!!'”, until I relent and say “For Christs sake, yes!”.

And then they’re gone. Silence returns to the background as I continue my important phone call – and I’m incredibly grateful for it. Until later that day or the following day when whichever child has conned me sets off to do the thing they tricked into agreeing to.

‘Where are you going?’ I ask innocently. ‘To Freds’/’To that all night rave’/’To buy a new mobile phone’/’To Magaluf’, (or some other idiotic idea) comes the reply.

‘Oh no you’re not!’ I say. ‘But Mum, you said I could!’ 😏 ‘Of course I didn’t say yes to that! Who in their right mind would agree to that???’

‘You, when you were on the phone – bye then, don’t wait up!’

And then they’re gone. The silence returns once more, reminding me of that call. Making me ask myself if I ever did anything like this to my parents (I never 😉).

That evening I sit in the silence with a cup of tea (new diet) and marvel at the way children have this inbuilt sense of when is the best time for them to get a yes from us when we would ordinarily say NO.

Bloody genius! 



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