Am I Too Old For Concerts?

I’m 46. Erm, 47 🙄. My children are 22, 21 and almost 12.

When I was young, concerts weren’t really my thing. I was working a lot and if I’m honest, my mum wouldn’t have let me! She’s always been controlling and now when I look back, I can’t quite believe I didn’t tell her to piss off when she said I couldn’t do something and I was in my 20’s!! 😡

Anyway, over the last few years I’ve started to go to concerts (originally to chaperone the kids!) and I realised that I really enjoyed  them! I hope I don’t look too stupid when I’m hyperventilating over Ed Sheeran coming onto the stage!!!

Since starting to go, I’ve seen a weird heavy metal band 🙄, Little Mix, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Justin Beiber, Jason Derulo, Jessie J and many others. I love the atmosphere – not so much the prices of tickets & souvenirs though! 🙄

This year I decided that concert tickets would be a great way of rewarding Gorgeous Girl for her  hard work at school. So far we have quite a few lined up! We’ve got Ariana Grande & Little Mix next month and a really unusual one at the Royal Albert Hall to see the first Harry Potter film while the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra play the score live.  Now that’s one I’m really looking forward to!

But tonight is a BIG one! My cousin and I are going to the O2 to see Bruno Mars!!! My friends are very jealous that we managed to get tickets. 😉 She’s picking me up and we’re driving there. I’ve been on virtual bed rest today to make sure my back would be in the best possible condition, and am just about to start to get ready. 🙂

But one thing niggles me. Am I Just. Too. Old…..?

I know that when we get there, there will be lots of youngsters in gorgeous clothes and funky hair, ready to have an amazing evening.  Will they be sniggering at me behind my back?

It’s something that I worry about – but not enough to keep me away! 😉  I’m going for a trashy Khloé Kardashian look this evening, and I’m going to thoroughly enjoy myself.

My cousin and I will have an amazing time, strutting your funky stuff to the cool sounds of Mr Bruno Mars.  I don’t think I’ll ever be too old for concerts….

Footnote – The concert was last night. (I got too carried away getting ready to post this pre concert 😉)

So my cousin picked me up around 5pm for a 40 minute journey. The concert didn’t start til 7.30 so we had plenty of time. Except we didn’t.

At 7.30 we were still sitting in a long queue trying to park. We got into a space around 7.45 and after paying £25 to park – yes, twenty five pounds 🙄 – we got into the O2 just before 8pm…..

Bruno Mars arrived on stage at 9.15ish (the pre showband was rubbish), and although he was amazing, he said goodnight at 10.30. Christ, that was quick!!! It had taken us longer to get there than he’d performed for 😮

To then add insult lt to injury, we got to the car park and couldn’t even get out of the space for 40 minutes. My cousin dropped me off at about 3.30 am .The A40 was closed off and as we followed the diversion, so was the road we were being sent down – only on Sunday morning did I realise that it was the London Marathon that was the reason for the additional delays, and as usual one road team hadn’t spoken to the other.

It was a good night. I had loads of fun having an adult evening with my cousin instead of our usual parent and child meet ups, but 10 1/2 hours to see Mr Mars for 75 minutes?

I’m glad I’m seeing someone else next time….


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