TV Show Recording? -NEVER Again….🙄

Have you ever been to see a television show being recorded?… I have. And if I ever mention in a post that I’m thinking of going back, please feel free to shout obscenities at me until I change my mind…..

Many years ago I went to several filmings of the same show, mainly because my Mum had tickets for around 30 people and needed someone to fill the spaces. It was for a Z list celebs chat show. I can’t actually remember her name off of  the top of my head, but she has long blonde hair, a very posh voice and is Jewish.

Anyway…we were picked up in a coach and driven to the studio, where we were taken inside and given drinks & nibbles before being escorted to our seats ready to watch the show. Then, when it was over, we were taken home again.

All in all a nice afternoon out. 🙂

So, when my friend invited me to go to a filming of Saturday Night Takeaway I said yes immediately! I LOVE the show – it’s something I can watch with the kids without cringing inside at the language, sexual content or the like. 😬

We jumped on the train and got to the studios at about 2pm. And the queue was already around half a mile long, for a show that didn’t start until 7.30…..

We had ‘priority’ tickets. This meant we still had to queue, but just not for as long. 🙄 After around 3 hours of queuing outside we were taken in. ‘This is it!’ We thought. ‘No more waiting in the cold for hours! We’ll be in comfy warm seats any minute.’

How wrong we’re we????

So we were herded into the ITV compound – and yet again lined up outside in the freezing cold. My friend had told them when we got there that I was disabled, but they hadn’t offered a chair and there was nowhere nearby to sit. At least when we got inside I was able to sit on one of 4 seats available.

That’s when I realised what a huge hobby this is for some people. I sat next to a lady in jeans and a green canvas parka. She had not a scrap of make up on and hadn’t washed her hair. This wouldn’t normally have even occurred to me, but this show is huge on audience interaction. There’s no real dress code, but it’s ‘dress to impress’ so I was just surprised I suppose. She turned and said to me ”Av you seen this before?’ in a strong East London accent. When I said no, she replied ‘I ‘av. 6 times. Paul O’Grady 11 times, Loose Women 3 times – I don’t like it but my mate does, so I go wiv ‘er.’

She was a lovely lady, and continued to tell me who she’d seen, shows that I’ve never even  heard of. I saw pictures of her parrot, her dog and was shown her 27 tattoos that had apparently got her interviewed once on one of the shows.

I had a lady on my other side who was dressed to impress – but this was also one of her hobbies, and at that time, sitting freezing after travelling and queuing for hours I just couldn’t see the attraction. This lady was lovely. Very smiley and chatty and looked completely normal. Yet she’d travelled from the coast, around 3 hours away to see the show. Hmmm…🤔

When we were finally allowed in, it turned out that there were only around 50 seats left, as the majority of the seating was taken up by competition winners and the like.

We sat behind a family and I noticed the lady fishing around in her bag. She got a bag of sweets out, then caught the attention of the floor manager. She threw the bag of sweets to him and he said ‘My favourites!’. That was when I saw just how many people were fans of attending show audiences.

I suppose it’s a free day out for some. For others it’s a chance to catch the eye of a celebrity. Just not for me I suppose.

It was a nice hour. We saw a few celebs, Ant & Dec were great as usual. Stephen Mulhern was hilarious and has a fantastic sense of humour. But it was an hour.

Seven or eight hours of queuing for a single hour of filming. And because there were so few seats left, the majority of the people who had been queuing since the morning were turned away. Including the tattooed lady I’d been talking to earlier.

So please, please, please! if I EVER mention going to be part of a studio audience in the future, remind me of this post! 😉



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