Hospital Bags! 

I wish everyone would stop and realise that they could need a hospital bag at any time

I don’t know how many times I asked Lovely Mans parents to do them. This wasn’t just to nag. They were both very ill and had been for a long time. We’ve probably had them enter hospital at least a dozen times since I began asking – and sadly his father passed away without ever getting his done. 

Since he died I’ve gently suggested again to his mum that she do one, especially as she’s due to have another operation soon anyway. And yet it still hasn’t been enough to encourage her to sort out a bag. 

As a relative that’s had the unfortunate task of trying to find clean nightwear, underwear, slippers, teeth 😱, reading glasses, list of medications etc., etc., I beg of you to SORT OUT A HOSPITAL BAG!

To help, I’ve listed what we have in our hospital bags. It’s just the basics, but it means that the children don’t have to worry about me lying in hospital and also wonder where the bloody hell I keep my ‘good’ knickers…😉

So here goes. 

  1. Up to date list of medication
  2. 2 or 3 of the following – nighties/jim jams/loungewear 
  3. Dressing gown 
  4. 3 or 4 pairs of knickers/pants
  5. 2 pairs of cotton socks (to keep your feet warm at night 😊)
  6. 1 pair of slippers 
  7. Soft bra (if needed!😉)
  8. 2 towels
  9. Flannel
  10. Toothbrush/toothpaste/dentures/steradent/denture box
  11. Razor (if needed)
  12. Hairbrush/comb
  13. Mirror
  14. Wet wipes
  15. Soap
  16. Shower gel (2 in 1 so you don’t need to pack shampoo as well)
  17. Deodorant
  18. Reading glasses/contact lenses
  19. A pen & 1 or 2 puzzle books/magazines
  20. Maximum of £5 in change for papers, soft drinks etc. 

So, that’s what I’ve packed in our hospital bags. It seems like a lot when listed, but actually doesn’t take up much room at all. Mine’s in a basic weekend bag, Lovely Mans is in a retro rucksack (the whole thing was a surprise gift after he’d had yet another stressful couple of hours trying to find essentials for his Mum). 

There are loads of suitable bags out there for all budgets. 

Pink Boutique
Pink Boutique have this check one in both the black/brown above, but also a lovely cream/beige. For only £26 each you could get matching his & hers bags. For a few pounds more they do a slightly larger version with wheels & an extendable handle.

This chevron one is only £16 from Matalan. Great value and just one of several they have at the moment. 

Cath Kidston
Cath Kidston have their usual gorgeous range of bags, and I’ve chosen this one because a) I like spots & b) I love the colour 💖. It’s £42, so a little more expensive than the previous ones but very pretty. 

This one is a good value men’s option at only £13.99 (& £2.99 p&p). It looks much more expensive and is a great size. 

Skyline Luggage EBay
BARGAIN ALERT! £6.99, yes just £6.99 from Skyline Luggage on EBay. And even better? It comes in loads of colours & patterns, and has FREE delivery or click & collect. Fab-u-lous! 😊

My personal favourites from River Island. Now although the men’s luggage is quite a reasonable price, if you’re a lady on a limited budget, I can completely understand that you aren’t going to want to spend £60 – £85 on a bag that’s going to lie around the house ready packed, only being pulled out in an emergency. 

But they’re gorgeous 💖💕 

They’d certainly cheer you up if you were lying in a hospital bed feeling sore & sorry for yourself. Well they would me 😉 

I’ve popped a selection below and a link through to the main website rather than the specific pages. 

River Island 

I hope this sways you into having a ready packed hospital bag in the bottom of your wardrobe. Although I’ve been lighthearted, it’s a really serious issue because it genuinely is awful to want to be with your child/parent/partner in the hospital and you can’t be because you’re having to rifle through drawers, invading their personal space while you do so. 

In fact, while shopping for new knickers for your own bag, have a think about who you could possibly do a bag for as a little surprise. Lovely Man was thrilled with his. It meant he didn’t have to spend a morning worrying about his own after having done so to provide his mother with her necessaries during her latest stay in hospital. 


NEVER touch your bag, unless it’s to update a medication list. Don’t be tempted to ‘borrow’ a clean nightie out of the bag as you just won’t put it back. You know you won’t. I know you won’t. 😏

Obviously the above list isn’t comprehensive, but it’ll get you through the first couple of days. There may be things that are missing from it that you would want to have in your bag, and that’s fine. But NO, your make up is not an essential. Neither are your phone, iPad, charger or cigarettes….🙄

Anything you need once you’ve been admitted can be brought to you when you’re settled. 

You may never need it – I truly hope that you don’t. But if you do, it’ll be there. And your family will thank you for it. 😊


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