So this is exactly why I called my blog ‘Is My Back Holding Me Back’. I had arranged to go to London with a small group of friends yesterday. We were going to go to Harrods for lunch, and I was really looking forward to it. I deliberately kept Monday & Tuesday clear of anything that might cause my back to play up. 

And then this happened – I picked up ONE bloody shopping bag 😡

One. Yes one shopping bag. I was only getting a few things but it was enough to wreck my plans. 

So, this is exactly why my blog is called what it is. I look at new jobs and think they’d be perfect for me, or make plans with friends for a simple day out or trip to the cinema – and my back goes. 

By ‘goes’, I mean that first, it slowly starts to throb, then the throbs are accompanied by extreme heat and finally the throb turns to a searing pain that feels like red hot spears are being thrust through my spine and down my legs. It can come on quickly too. From 0 to searing in a minute or so if, God forbid, I try to do something really stupid. Like walking….🙄

This time it came on gradually over about 20 minutes or so. I felt it begin to seize not long after I got into bed. As soon as it started, I took some morphine to try to ease it but it didn’t work. It kept me awake most of the night, meaning that not only was I in agony, I was also knackered 😕

So I had to cancel yesterday. My friends still went of course – it wouldn’t have been fair to ask them to postpone their plans because of me. Someone called me when they got home to say it was nice, but that they’d done a lot of walking. 

So I suppose it’s right that I didn’t go.  It just feels so unfair…..and I wonder how long my friends are going to put up with me cancelling plans all the time? 

Hopefully we’ll do it again. Maybe I can teach them to be more spontaneous – then we can just jump on a train when my pain levels are low and actually enjoy a trip to London 🙂


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