Old Friends are Wonderful. 

I say that not because it’s a nice thing to say or because I am feeling nostalgic. It’s because a friend called at midnight and luckily I was still up to get the call.

I’ve known this fabulous woman and her family for around 10 years and I cherish every moment I spend with her. I spent over an hour on the phone chatting, smiling & laughing with my friend and her husband, and I came off the phone feeling warm & happy inside.

That’s what a text or email can’t do. You can’t hear the smile in their voices. That warmth that comes down the phone line, the giggles you share when reminiscing about something you got up to last time you were together.

In the last few months we have both endured sadness when relatives have passed away, and have had to sort their finances and personal effects, but because we’ve both been through this we could put it to the back of our minds and focus on happy things for a while.

We’ve made plans to meet up next weekend and we’ll laugh for hours. If Lovely Man drives I will get embarrassingly tipsy and will come away tired but content and refilled with happiness. I am SO looking forward to it. They are incredibly hospitable and will have so much food prepared that they will be making parcels for us to bring home with us. (Something that Lovely Man really enjoys! 😉)

We come from different faiths yet this only seems to strengthen our friendship. We respect their beliefs and they ours. It’s something that comes up on occasion, but only to explain why they do certain things in day to day life because of their commitment to their faith and why, although we don’t really follow our faith by attending church, there a some things that we just ‘do’ because of our beliefs, although much of that is just being kind to others in our everyday lives.

They have a son who was at school with Gorgeous Girl and although they are different genders they get on incredibly well, which is lucky as we are such good friends! He’s a wonderful young man and a credit to his parents.

These are not my only ‘old’ friends. I have two others, one of whom I’ve known for around 15 years, the other for over 25 and I cherish each and every one. These are the people you can go months without seeing, yet welcome you with a hug and a cuppa as if no time has passed at all.

And that’s why old friends are wonderful.













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