Reiki. Help or Hogwash?

Because of the stupidly long waiting time for steroid injections on the NHS in my area, I have been having to increase my medication to help me cope with my daily pain levels. This in turn has meant that the side effects have increased, such as weight gain, constipation, feeling rundown because of the toxins in my body etc.

It’s a catch 22, as these side effects make me feel like crap and I’m on a never ending circle of pain, symptoms and side effects.


Aaany-hoo, I was talking to someone else who has spinal stenosis and he suggested trying Reiki. He said it had been hugely beneficial to his life, so I thought I would give it a go.

I searched for local practitioners and found some recommendations, one of whom really jumped out at me. She looked kind, caring and trustworthy, and to top it all off was a Reiki master who trained others. She had to be the one…..

I arrived at her house early, figuring we’d have paperwork to do. She greeted me with a huge smile and an even bigger hug, immediately putting me at ease. She asked lots of questions – why was I there,  what were my symptoms, problems and medications, had I had any other alternative therapies before. Standard stuff for a first visit. She also asked me what I would like to get from having reiki, and explained how reiki worked and that she was purely a vessel. A conduit if you like.

I lay face down on her treatment table (wondering first if the bloody thing would hold me…) and got comfortable. Not an easy feat for someone with back pain 😳 She began at my head and slowly worked down my back, asking me to turn over once she reached my bottom.

Now during the treatment her hands got hotter and hotter. In fact when she had my head cupped in her hands I could feel her fingers throbbing as they got warmer. The weird thing was that the muscles in my lower back started throbbing too, almost as if they were being  gently pulled by her. I have to say it was incredible. As she worked down my body she  hardly touched me, her hands just skimming my clothing. She focused more on places I’d asked her for help with, and as began to relax I’m sure I nodded off to be woken abruptly by the only noise in the room – a loud snort/snore from yours truly!

When she finished she sort of ‘caught’ all the bad energy she had drawn out and wiped it away from me, and asked me to cleanse my inside in the same way by drinking plenty of water.

I have to say I felt both relaxed and refreshed as I got off the table to sit with her. Things I hadn’t truly felt for a long time. She went through what she had ‘felt’ as she worked – that my heart area was guarded, my tummy section felt very bunged up, and finally that my relationship area was full of love. The latter and my heart being guarded confused her a little until I explained it to her, but made perfect sense to me.

My relationship is wonderful, as is my family. My heart on the other hand is something I guard after years of giving to others and getting little appreciation back. The tummy area was bound to feel the way it did, given the pain levels, tension, constipation and the medication that I take.

She gave me a tub of a white chalky powder with instructions to have a spoonful daily dissolved in water. It’s meant to collect all the toxins as it travels through the body – something I need given the amount of medication I take, but something I haven’t taken religiously since she gave it to me I’m ashamed to say. She also recommended lavender for my sleep issues. My session was supposed to last an hour but was actually over 90 minutes in all.

The verdict? I definitely feel better than I did mentally. I’m sleeping better- at least I was until this setback with my pain levels last Friday – and my pain had beeen getting slightly better too. I’ve booked a second session for this Wednesday which is a fortnight from my first session. And I’m looking forward to it. 😊



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