An Excited Child.

I have a VERY excited 11 year old at the moment.

This isn’t because it’s half term, or because we’re off on holiday, or even a day out to London. Nope, it’s none of these.

Gorgeous Girl is excited because she’s finally getting her own room.

Wow! I have a tween that is actually excited about something that doesn’t cost anything! šŸ˜±

She had her own room for several months when she was first born, but of course as the older children got older they couldn’t continue to share – I needed to have the girls share, so my son swapped with her and it’s been the same for the last 9 or 10 years.

Now however, the older two are hardly ever at home and when they are, 99% of the time they don’t see each other, so they agreed to share a room and if they do happen to be here on the same night, then one of them will sleep downstairs.

They didn’t even complain – although it’s going to look like this in approximately 10 minutes šŸ™„


When my mum was young there was nothing unusual about sharing a room with your siblings. She tells of sharing the same bed with her sisters while watching the rats run along the window sill….



Things have got a lot better than that for most children (thank Christ!), but the junior school Gorgeous Girl went to had mainly affluent families there, with the children often being lucky enough to have a double bed all to themselves in a nice big designer room. šŸ˜•

So back to the excitement. Gorgeous Girl is SO excited she’s even packed most of her brothers shit. I’ve been dragged into the room several times today to be shown the layout of her furniture….


If only she showed this much excitement about everything else!


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