My Second Chance?

I’m a mother of three and I love my children with every ounce of my being. Being a mother is what I was born to do. It’s not the easiest job in the world and I definitely haven’t always got it right, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

But not only that, I’m a godmother of three.  The son of one of my work friends, and both children of my cousin and one of my childhood friends (his now ex-wife).  I love them all deeply, however I don’t see them often.

My friend moved away shortly after having her son, which meant not only did I miss my godson growing up, I also missed her. 😕 I so wish she’d stayed closer as I’ve really missed her, my godson & his sister. Although, I think her decision to have different people be godparents to her two children meant that we were more of a symbol rather than serious choices for the role. I mean, you’d never choose to split your children up when they had just become orphans, would you?

My other godchildren only lived about 20 minutes away from me growing up, but sadly due to a huge family rift when they were young I was only able to see them very sporadically over the years, mainly when dropping off Birthday and Christmas gifts, and it was something that made me incredibly sad. I didn’t take saying yes to being a godparent lightly, so to not see them was a real issue for me.

This was a serious choice of godparents and our joint friend who was the other one along with myself sadly passed away many years ago, so they then only had me…..

And being young at the time, I was too scared of my aunt (the bully of the family and their grandmother) to disobey. This is something I deeply regret, as my children are only a couple of years younger than my godchildren, yet they hardly know each other. 😔

Anyway……now I’m older and would quite happily tell my aunt to fuck off if she tried to tell me what to do, I have a good relationship with my goddaughter and her mother again. My godson is slightly different. He hasn’t lived with his mum for years and he has always been someone of few words even as a child, so I haven’t had too much interaction with him.

But hopefully that’s all about to change. My godson has just became a father! 😍 His mum told me his partner was expecting when she was only a few weeks into the pregnancy, so it’s been an exciting 8 months of scans and shopping for baby clothes for my godsons son. And finally, he became a father two days ago after what seemed like the longest labour (and a few scary moments!)

His baby is THE most gorgeous baby ever and I can’t wait to give him a cuddle. This little boy has managed to bring light into what’s been a dark period for me with the death of my father-in-law. He’s been a welcome distraction from the sadness that is a hospice, despite him still being in the womb at that time.

I am hopeful that this tiny human can bridge the gap between me and my godson. Because of him the future relationship with my godson looks bright.



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