New Year, New You! 😁 Err…Not Here, Not Now It Ain’t 🤔

It’s 2017. A new year. A new start.

Well whoever it is that’s meant to sort that has missed me out! Since the bells rang the New Year in, I have another relative IN hospital when I would have thought it would’ve meant another relative would finally come OUT of hospital.

But oh no. Not for me. Not in this lifetime. 😕

So, not only is Lovely Mans father still in the hospice and getting worse daily, just to make sure I’m spending enough time at hospitals (and not having any fun or catching up with friends instead ), whoever’s in charge of my life has now decided that his Mum also needs to be in hospital. FFS….

She was rushed in last week and is still in there. Now, since her last hospital admission a couple of months ago, Lovely Man has been asking her to get a hospital bag ready, with basic hospital provisions in it so that we don’t have to hunt the house for a nightie or a couple of pairs of drawers!

Annnd she hasn’t. 😕

So when he had to drive firstly to her house to collect clothes, then to the hospital to deliver them, he was furious when she moaned that she didn’t have a toothbrush.  Now this is the lady who doesn’t work because she’s retired, and has only had herself to look after for the last FIVE WEEKS because her husband has been in the hospice. Yet she still couldn’t sort a few items of clothes and toiletries ‘ just in case ‘.

So I was up at the hospice sitting with Lovely Mans father, Lovely Man was sitting at his parents house waiting for a key safe to be installed, and then because of a voicemail from his mum with a list of things she needed before visiting time, he had to go to the hospital with the bits and pieces she wanted. When he got there she complained that she didn’t like the things he had taken (she hadn’t been specific about the clothing she wanted).  She complained that he hadn’t taken any cream (she didn’t ask for any). She complained that she hadn’t been able to brush her teeth for days because she has no toothbrush (she didn’t ask for that either…).

In fact, we’ve visited daily and she hasn’t mentioned any of these things before…

Now, Lovely Man is exactly that. Lovely. He is kind, caring, helpful and patient, and yet she drove even him to ask “well whose bloody fault is that???”  He explained to her that had she had a hospital bag ready, she would’ve had a toothbrush, cream, spare clothes etc., etc.,  but she just put on a sulky face and made excuses for why it wasn’t done. None of them valid… 🙄

So the moral of the story is…

Sort your bleedin’ hospital bag! If not for your own piece of mind, then for the sanity of your relative who really doesn’t want to be rifling through your knicker drawer to find your ‘good’ knickers…after all, there may be something in there that you definitely don’t want the consultant and all his minions to see when they visit you on their ward rounds 😉



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