Stuck In The Middle! 

Family dynamics drive me crackers!

Why is it that I’m always stuck in the middle when older family members want some people to know certain things about their lives and others not to, so it always seems to be me who’s wondering when – or if – I should open my mouth… 🙄

With Lovely Mans father having terminal cancer, this has made it much harder as I don’t know who knows, who I can tell, who I can’t. It’s crazy! I’ve been told by his father that he doesn’t want people to know, so I’ve been respecting his wishes and haven’t told people.

Then I take his mum out to get some groceries and she’s telling everyone she meets! Arrrrrgh!!! 😫

Also, despite his condition, they are still arguing. Why, oh why, would you want to argue with your dying spouse about whether they can come home to die? This shocked even Gorgeous Girl, who happened to be within earshot and actually looked up from the Snapchat app on my phone in amazement. 

Do you know of anything else that could do that??? Christ, I could be throwing £20 notes around the room and she’d be oblivious because adding a puppies nose and ears to her picture would be much more important…🙄

So if you know of a way that I can prevent myself getting dragged into this fight when he comes home next week, please let me know. (Other than running away. I’ve thought about that 😉)
I can’t prevent the fighting as it’s been going on for years, and now it’s about control because the situation has flipped and she’s more capable physically than he is now, and this hasn’t been the case for many years.

So next week when he comes home, I fully expect World War III.

Happy 2017! 😕



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