Self Confidence

Are you confident with how you look?

I am (ish!). I think it depends on how I’m dressed to be honest. I’m a large lady, and clothing is a rearly important part of making me feel better about myself.

I think I have a good idea of what suits me and what doesn’t, and often get compliments from people with regards to how I look, which is lovely and definitely boosts my confidence no end. 😊

There are days however, when I feel like crap. And these are the days that I – without fail – run into someone I haven’t seen for ages. 🙄 That’s when you need your self-confidence …..


Something I found really interesting, was a section on body confidence that a blogger did when I took Gorgeous Girl to see her show. Her name is Louise Pentland, but she’s more familiar by her blog/vlog name, Sprinkle of Glitter.

It was a really good show, but the body confidence part was incredibly informative. Firstly she asked us all to stand and look around us at the people beside us, behind us, etc.,  then she asked us to put our hands up if we had ever felt uncomfortable about our bodies.

Everybody did as far as I could see, (except Gorgeous Girl!)  and it was a real eye-opener to see all these gorgeous people with their hands up, whether they were tall, short, slim, plus sized, virtually everyone had issues.

Afterwards  I asked Gorgeous Girl why she hadn’t raised her hand. She replied simply “because I don’t have any body issues Mum”.

As her mum I feel very proud about that.  To have been able to raise her without the issues that I felt when I was growing up is fantastic to me. I do feel sad that her older sister doesn’t have quite so much confidence – I think my son got the confidence for both of the older two! 🙄



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