I never thought I’d live to see the day!

I’m stunned. Thrilled. But still stunned.

The vile, venom spouting, narcissistic woman that is Katie Hopkins has been forced to apologise.

Hang on, I must be wrong – Katie DOESN’T apologise.


No, I’m right! (She says with unbounded glee 😃). And not only that, so has the Daily Mail – in addition to having to fork out over a quarter of a million pounds in compensation and court costs.

This was after Ms Hopkins libelled two brothers in her newspaper column who were stopped from entering the U.S., where they intended, amongst other things, to visit Disneyland with their combined families.

So not only did the nine children go home incredibly disappointed due to a possible mistaken identity by the U.S. Officials, but then the family had to endure Ms Hopkins suggesting the brothers were extremists with links to Al Qaeda. Because of their faith.

And when she’s forced to apologise, she does so at 2.07am – possibly in the vain hope that it wouldn’t be noticed, despite its sincerity….🙄

You might have guessed by now that I have a dislike for Ms Hopkins. And you’d be right.

The reason for this is that the woman whose strapline is that she ‘Tells it like it is’, doesn’t.

Instead, to keep herself in the news she has become increasingly more nasty and outlandish in her tweets, newspaper column & radio show.

Such as –


I’m hoping this fine will make Katie think before writing such disgusting comments.

But I really don’t think it will, because of one thing. Money. On taking a peek at her companies, this ‘career’ that Katie’s carved out for herself (it’s amazing what you can do if you stab people in the back in just the right way), is an essential money maker.

It’s not the way I’d want to earn money – cashing in on others misery and misfortune. But Katie doesn’t seem to mind doing so. As I said at the start of the piece, I genuinely believe that she has narscisstic delusions and doesn’t care about anyone else’s feelings, just her own.



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