Lets Hope the DWP are Doing my Food Shop! 

In case you didn’t know, it’s Christmas Day this Sunday coming.

I say that because the DWP haven’t remembered. Or they don’t care. It’s probably the latter to be honest….😒

I say this because millions of us disabled who are on ESA are going to be left with TWO WHOLE DAYS to get the things that you have to leave until the last week such as – oh, I don’t know. Food???

Generally, if you’re on ESA, then you’re paid fortnightly. This means my payment will be going into my bank this Thursday. So I have the 23rd & 24th to buy any last minute gifts I need to buy and to get my Christmas food (because all the bloody sell by dates only last two days! 😡)

Even people who are being paid early by DWP are only being given their money on the 23rd at the earliest – which then leaves them only ONE full day to buy essential items.

And don’t forget, this payment is just over £100 weekly. So that £200 has to last 2 weeks as normal – but this isn’t a ‘normal’ fortnight. I know I’ve been kindly granted a Christmas bonus of £10, but £10 doesn’t really get you much these days!

This situation is ridiculous. We aren’t on ESA because we can’t be arsed to work Mr Crabb. We’re on ESA because we’re disabled.

I just hope that my back hasn’t seized and I’m able to go and get the Christmas shopping. It’s too late to have it delivered and of course my previous payments have had to buy gifts for my children and immediate family.

And you can’t spend it twice!


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