There’s Always One…

Whether you want to call them a fool, an idiot, silly, stupid, selfish or any other  name, when it comes to a crisis there’s always that one person who cocks everything up.

And our one can cock up in real style…..🙄

We’ll call him Lazy Arse



Since getting to know him many years ago, I’ve came to the conclusion that he’s useless. He just cannot be relied upon, and this was confirmed to me when a relative was rushed to hospital recently.

Now this wasn’t a distant relative. Nope, this was his mother and she’d had a suspected heart attack but despite this, he wasn’t able to come to the hospital. Nooooo. He was far too busy to come and be with her. Which meant that Lovely Man was left to sort everything out – again.

He can’t be bothered to do the hours of waiting and worrying. That’s left to everyone else. Of course, if they were handing out £50 notes he’d be the first in the queue….!!  😒

Anyway, to the latest cock up. As you’ll  know if you’ve read this blog piece, Lovely Mans father is in a hospice. On top of that, his mum is very poorly too, and happens to have an important hospital appointment today which she’s incredibly worried about.

Having spoken to Lovely Mans mum a few times yesterday about her appointment,  I’d managed to calm her down a little and help her get in the right frame of mind to deal with any news she might get.

Enter Lazy Arse, stage left 😒

He turned up at her house yesterday evening and despite her struggling to make him a dinner, which she did (and does almost every night), he seemed to think it was the perfect time to tell her what an awful mother she was and had always been, along with many other nasty, hurtful accusations.

Tosser. 😠

So yet again Lovely Man is out of the house because he’s had to go and calm his Mum down.




N.B. This post has taken me a few days longer than I thought to finish, so to update…

Lovely Mans Mum got OK results at the hospital

His dad is still in the hospice

Lazy Arse hasn’t apologised to his mother

Or bothered visiting his father.

Some things never change…



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