Christmas is coming? Seriously??

I can’t believe that Christmas is only a few days away. In 9 days it’ll all be over. 😕

I LOVE Christmas. Normally by now I’d have all my gifts wrapped, cards written and delivered, and all the decorations up.

So far this year I have some garland around the bannister, and a pop up tree in the corner. 😕 With Lovely Mans dad in the hospice, I didn’t feel it was appropriate to have lots of decorations up, so our normal decs are still sitting up in the loft, the pop up tree being a replacement for them….

Because of Gorgeous Girl, who’s only 11, we couldn’t have ignored it. We all have an advent calendar- I went and treated myself to the M&S beauty one – it’s fabulous! 💖

I spent a morning sorting gifts so that each box is for one person. I’m hoping that when I do get round  to wrapping this will help enormously and speed up the process. (Yeah, right 😂).

I have put all my purchases together, and now I realise I’ve spent copious amounts of money and bought SO MUCH STUFF that it’s bloody obscene! I’ll be like that lady whose photo went viral because there were so many gifts, you couldn’t see her tree!

Emma Tappings picture of her tree 2015 went viral.

Emma Tappings picture of her tree 2015 went viral.

I’ve also planned lots of meals out and get togethers with friends, but we’ll have to play these by ear because of Lovely Mans dad, but our friends and family know and are incredibly understanding.

I don’t think it feels much like Christmas because the weather is so mild. When you can do the school run in Mid December with just a cardigan on, then there’s something wrong with the weather!

I’m sure I’ll get it sorted in time – although what with hospice visits, hospital appointments, old school friends lunch catch ups etc., it’s a stretch.

I hope you’re more sorted than I am – but whatever stage you’re at, have a wonderful Christmas 🎄


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