My Dog’s a Scaredy-Cat!

My dog is a smallish breed. She’s actually a ‘Taco Terrier’, which sounds like one of these fancy breeds but actually means that some Irish farmer let his dog get a tad too close to his wife’s handbag chihuahua 🙄

Anyway, after said dalliance along came some cute puppies – which were promptly dumped in a cardboard box and left at the side of the road, where they were found by some kind soul and finally ended up at my local Dogs Trust.

We got her and she was tiny. And sooooo cute! But scared of everything. And it hasn’t changed.

She scared of bags. Paper ones, plastic ones, handbag ones. The list goes on.

She scared of boxes. Plastic ones, cardboard ones, big ones, small ones, medium-sized ones. The list goes on.

I could continue – so I will. 😉

Ants, spiders, cats (sigh), birds, the postman, the post, the hoover, hairdryer and anything else that makes a noise.

We were once mortified because we went to a Remembrance Sunday wreath laying – and she actually s@%t herself when the brass band started up. 😱 We weren’t even close to the band because we saw them ahead of us and just knew they would terrify her, so being responsible dog owners we stayed well back.

And she still crapped all over lovely man as he tried to give her a cuddle to calm her down. 🙄

We’ve tried everything to get her to calm down and be less scared, but nothing works.

So we just have to accept that we went to the Dogs Trust for a puppy, and returned home with a scaredy-cat 🙀

And we wouldn’t be without her 💖



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