Empty Nest Syndrome? For Christs Sake, hurry up! 😉

My eldest children aren’t children any more. They’re adults.

Like the youngest, I love them more than life itself. Their living habits however, are driving me UP. THE. WALL.

Their bedrooms aren’t messy. Nope, they’re wayyyyy worse than that. They resemble skips.

2012-09-18 23:29:15


My eldest daughter still shares with her younger sister, which causes problems in itself, as the youngest is now starting to think that this is normal, and is beginning to mimic this messy way of life.

Because of my daily pain levels I try to pick my arguments carefully as they exacerbate my pain. But do you know what really pisses me off?

They KNOW it does. And they don’t seem to care one bit.

I would even mind so much if I could close the bedroom doors and forget about it, but oh no, they don’t just make their own rooms messy – nooooo, they’re incredibly generous, and as such are kind enough to spread their mess throughout the whole bleedin’ house!!! 🙄

I find pants in the shower room, wet towels on the floor in the hall, smelly Converse in the living room (the girls feet STINK), the list goes on.

I can also go to get a cup of tea or some lunch, and have NO cups, plates, cutlery or condiments to be found! And this is while they aren’t allowed to eat upstairs. (Yeah, right….)

My son is away with work this week and before he went I asked him to tidy his room as there’s nothing nicer than coming home from meeting after meeting and just being able to chill. He ignored me.

So back to the title of this piece. Empty nest syndrome? Bring it on, because I can’t wait!!



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