Re training. Is it possible? 

Since having to give up work due to my disability, I’ve found getting a job impossible.

I think that if I set up a company and designed a job that I was fully qualified for, I still wouldn’t get the bloody thing..🙄

So I decided to look into retraining and after a while came up with what I  thought was a great idea, but the fees for training were too much for me.

I booked an appointment with a ‘Disabled Work Coach’ at my local Jobcentre. I waited patiently to see her (as patiently as you can with a spine that feels like it’s being ripped out by that thing from Predator 😕)  and eventually explained that I didn’t want to sit at home for 2 years, I wanted to retrain.

She was surprised. I don’t think many people respond to her in that way. And then she told me.There is NO funding available to retrain me or anyone else. It’s all been taken away. The Government who are determined to get more disabled people into work, have removed the money to enable us to train to do new jobs that will fit in around our disabilities.

So there I was, surrounded by leaflets and posters saying ‘You Can Retrain’.

Yet I couldn’t.

Her advice to me was to look at disabled charities and see if they could fund my training. But that’s another problem, as they’ve got rid of all the  funding for charities! Grrrrrr 😡

So what are we supposed to do? What do the government WANT us to do? We can’t win. 


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