Weekend adventures

I went away for the weekend, and it was lovely. Well, except for the weather. That was crap. πŸ™„

My lovely man lives a fair distance from me. A couple of hours away. It’s not too bad because he works near me so I see him a lot, thank goodness. And a plus to this is that he lives at the coast, so we go to stay with him now and again which is a real treat.

I can completely chill out when I visit him. I know I’ll be safe – he’s a fantastic carer as well as a brilliant partner and wonderful dad.

But he can’t control the weather….

So off we went, and as we drove out of London I could feel the stress draining from me. I felt lighter, happier and more relaxed than I had for weeks.

On Saturday we had a pj day. We chilled out around the house, reading and watching Christmas films. (Yes, I know it’s only November) We only popped out to grab a bit of fish and chips for dinner. Bliss. πŸ’–

On Sunday we went into town for lunch. We got a few pressies as it’s my parents anniversary this week, then to a little restaurant for something to eat. It was the first time I’d been into the restaurant- despite coming to this area for over 30 years. I was a little hesitant as it wasn’t where I would normally pick, but that’s just me being a snob πŸ˜‰ I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Although dated, it was clean and the food was lovely, as were the staff. We’ll definitely be going back 😊

The dog enjoyed a long walk on the beach. She LOVES it! She’s oblivious to anything else but her ball and would chase it for hours.Β  It’s lovely to sit with a hot chocolate and watch her playing.

Anyway, sadly we had to come back. As we drove up the M25 I could feel the stress returning to my body. I love London, going to the theatre, visiting my gorgeous local retro cinema. But since leaving work I’ve found myself becoming less sociable. I cancel coffee and lunch dates all the time, and stay in my bedroom watching shizzle with the dog.

THAT’S what I hate. I hate to fact that I’m changing. I’m becoming reclusive and withdrawing from life. And I don’t know how to stop it…..

The only nice pieces of life are the kids and visiting Lovely Man. I genuinely don’t know how people without support cope. I have a fantastic family who help me as much as they can. If I didn’t, I really don’t know what I’d do.

I need to get back to work, but finding a job seems more impossible with each passing day. To find one that works around my disabilities is incredibly hard. Home working is becoming more scarce, and no matter what the law says, as soon as an employer knows I have a disability it becomes a definite red mark against my application.

For now I’m going to try and stay positive, and look forward to my weekends away 😊


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