Friends – How Many Do You Have?

I’m not sure if this amount changes as we get older, but the youngsters I have on Facebook all seem to have 879 ‘friends’, whereas I have around 70. And these aren’t friends. No, these are acquaintances.

How many friends do you have? I mean REAL friends.

Not the ones who contact you on Facebook to be your ‘friend’ after 30 years of you trying to avoid eye contact with them in the local shopping centre because they were bloody horrible to you and made your school years a nightmare. 🙄

I mean the friends that you’d be able to call at 2am and they’d listen to your problems without complaining or judging. The ones you don’t see for months but it doesn’t matter – as soon as you start chatting it’s like you last saw each other the day before. The ones who will tell you that yes, you do look like a trussed chicken in your new dress…. 😉

How many of these friends do you have? I’ve been thinking about it and I can count my real friends on one hand. It doesn’t matter whether I’ve known them 5 years, or 35 years. They’re the friends who understand that I may need to cancel a coffee date that morning because my backs seized. The ones who I can moan to about anything. And it works both ways. I’m more than happy to listen to my friends in the middle of the night should they need me. I’m happy to pop to their house with a box of cakes and a bottle of wine if they need me to be there.

I think we’re all different. I think some people NEED to have lots of friends to justify their existence. They think it means they’re popular. This may be a self confidence issue, or that they’ve just got nothing better to do than live feed themselves talking about their day, expecting their hundreds of ‘friends’ to watch and comment.

And that’s fine if that’s what works for them. It’s just not for me. I’m happy for people to think I’m less popular than them because I have less friends on social media.

And I’m even more happy for the friends I do have. I’m thankful that they’re in my life, and I hope they’ll be there for another 35 years 😊


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