Kids. Who’d have ’em?

So I’m sitting watching shizzle on the iPad in the wee small hours, because my eldest was at a Halloween party tonight.

Now she’s an adult. And not even a teenager anymore, but she still phoned me at 1am (from someone else’s phone πŸ™„) to ask me to go and pick her up.

Now that’s the first clue that she’s had a ‘couple ‘ of drinks. Because before she left for the party, she’d gone to the shop and bought me a bottle of wine – and even poured my first glass! Doh!

So after reminding her that I’ve been drinking, I suggest to her that she and her friends get a cab back, only to find out that her ‘friends’ have gone home and left her alone 😠. So I said I’d pay for a cab, I just want her home safely.

That’s when – after waking me – she decides she wants to go and sleep at my parents house. So off she goes. On her own. With no phone. Clue number 2….

I’ve been worried sick since then, wondering where she is, and if she’d think to get a cab. If she even had enough money to get a cab.

My dad has just called to say she’s there and she’s fine, if a bit sozzled! He knew I’d still be up worrying about her – because he’s my dad. He knows me.

I’ve also spoken to my mum and my daughter. My parents aren’t annoyed at all that they’ve been woken in the middle of the night. They, like me, are just glad she’s safe.

So it’s almost 4am and I’m wide awake, as are my mum & dad.

It just goes to show that no matter how old your children are, they’re still your babies. You’ll still do anything to make sure they’re OK. Or that their children are OK.



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