Medication to Get Through the Day.

Do you use medication for your pain, or do you use other pain easing techniques such as meditation or physio?

For me, medication is the only way I can manage my pain and also cope with the house, kids, job (when I have one). My medication has remained more or less the same since my chronic pain consultant managed to get the combination right, although I do need to adjust my Fentanyl dose depending on my pain levels.

Despite being on an incredibly high level of pain relief, I was refused ESA on the grounds that I was fit for work. Now, as I’ve said previously, I have always worked. In fact I LOVED my last job and was devastated when I had to give it up.

It has taken months of fighting an unjust system and an appeal at a Magistrates Court – yes, we really are treated like criminals – for that decision to be overturned and me to be finally awarded ESA.

If you are going through the same process and need some advice, drop me a line and I’ll do my best to help. 😊


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